About Us

Chris Jutras: CEO of Swag

Chris is the original mastermind behind Kobra Kawaii and many of our designs, and is responsible for the joining together of this band of misfits. Creating a T-shirt company has been a long standing dream of his and this line of Otaku clothing has been the perfect answer.

Favorite Anime: Beast King Golion


Amanda Scarrci: CEO of Worrying

Aside from sharing a birthday with Chris, Amanda is the glue that holds us together and keeps the boys focused when they get out of line. When she’s not busy organizing orders and shipping, Amanda is responsible for neurotically worrying about everything – and we mean everything.

Favorite Anime: Amanda doesn't like anime. Don’t ask us, we don’t understand either.


Brian Fey: CEO of Naps

Brian and Chris have been trying to get famous for as long as we can remember. Brian is essentially Snorlax, and although were not sure how he gets anything done, he somehow manages to run our website and create new designs.

Favorite Anime: Initial D


Gabriel Bryant: Head Ninja

True Story: Gabe and Chris became best friends by randomly breaking out into the Sailor Moon theme song while working together. As our head ninja, Gabe is skilled in several martial arts. When he’s not busy lurking is the shadows, he’s working up fresh designs and interrupting Amanda.

Favorite Anime: Gatchaman 



Writers & Contributors 

Nicole Hasson: Blogger

Nicole is the newest member of the team. She’s an aspiring um, Artist? Writer? Model? Entrepreneur? We don’t really know. She just has big dreams for a little person with hopes to work hard! For now she’s going to write some stuff, and be cool.

Favorite Anime: Spiral