E3 Excitement

E3 Excitement

We all booted up our computers, our consoles, and our hearts, anticipating finding out what was going to be the newest advancements in gaming for the upcoming year. Yes it was that time of year upon us again, E3, some excited to hear about the new Pokémon news, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Titanfall, and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I was excited for Gears of war 4. Being a fan of all the other titles in this franchise (lets ignore judgement) was ecstatic to hear more Gears news. 

We’ve all been anticipating, wanting, and yearning for more after the Sound of Silence echoed in our brains for days after the release of the trailer, where we find out that the game is about Marcus’ son, J.D. We’ve all played the multiplayer beta, with the smooth graphics, similar, yet unique play style that we learned to love overtime, and the curiosity about what the swarm really are. Unfortunately nothing else has yet to be released on the swarm, all we know is that they seem to be the bad guys and they look remarkably similar to the locust.

So what did E3 cover? Sounds like we know enough about the game as it is, other than story details, (which I’m dying to find out) so what more did they tell us? The morning of Monday the 13 th Microsoft gave us our first real gameplay of the gears co-op campaign. As well as announcing Gears of War 4 being one of the first games going to be initialized into the play anywhere program, in which you can buy the game on console and automatically have it for PC as well, at no additional cost. 

The initial start of the gameplay takes us straight into a whirling storm.

Wind cracks, the storm howls. Our newest main character J.D. alongside Kait, and Del, make their way through a rapid paced storm to shelter. Not too promptly walking out into a body of chaos that is a full on battle. Lots of cover and quick movements, this soon puts them into a situation into propping up a catapult and firing at the swarm full auto. There are only so many words I can use to describe the beauty and detail they put into this game, and every Gears game, the immaculate honor they give the quality of a shooter. It’s definitely no Call Of Duty, but something different, something more than a shooter, this game creates a world, a story, to immerse every gamer into somewhere else, isn’t that part of why we play these games in the first place, to get away? If I haven’t convinced you yet, honestly it’s even worth just watching someone else play, take my word for it.



Nicole Hasson